Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Top 5 questions to kickstart the New Year

The New Year is a terrific time to do a quick check on how we are spending our time and energy. Before long (in fact - by tomorrow for most of us!) we will be drawn back into the moving, colorful chaos of daily life with the click of messages, SMS, doors being closed, open, phones ringing, voicemails received/left, calendar meeting reminders... you know the drill.

So this year, rather than (or in addition to!) setting resolutions, take some time out now to ask some great questions that can help streamline your efforts and ensure that you are working on the right things, in the right order... and from a place of awareness of what you are currently doing. When you look back at 2012 you will either be thrilled about some significant milestones, or it will just be a blur of memories smushed up against one another, indistinguishable year upon year. Up to you :)

Here are a few of my favorite questions to kickstart your (and my) planning:

1) What three things MUST happen to make 2012 a success for you, and for your business or career?(the point here is to focus in on the milestones that will have the most impact for you - and leave the rest for another year or for all the time you have left over at the end of the year after you complete your milestones by September :))

2) What is your one crazy wish for yourself for 2012?

3) What three things could you STOP doing immediately because they are a drain on your time and energy (and you know it)?
(this could also include toxic friends and relationships, as well as social or community commitments that no longer make sense for you... broom them, unfriend, unfollow - do whatever it takes to delete, it's the New Year!)

4) List at least 25 achievements that you are MOST proud of from 2011
(these don't all have to be along the vein of winning the Boston Marathon - speaking up for your ideas in the workplace in a difficult meeting, taking better care of your health, getting more sleep can all qualify)

5) What new support and information do you need in order to achieve your three goals for 2012 from question (1)?
Hint - if you've truly listed some stretch items in there, you will need new kinds of support and information. Now is the time to brainstorm where you might be able to go to ask questions, who you need to reach out to, what kinds of specialists you could consult with or hire

I prefer to old school it with pen and paper as I suspect that there is something about the manual act of etching with ink that ups my level of commitment - but do whatever works best for you. I will post some of my highlights a little later (another way to get terrific leverage on yourself), look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Do you have any questions that you'd like to add to this list that might be helpful for our readers? Post them below, or tweet me directly @taniayuki

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