Friday, November 18, 2011

How 'to-do' what's most important

Being an entrepreneur means that by default, there are always a million things to do on ones to-do list. More often than not, we get caught up in trying to keep up with this list, crossing things off, yet get set back by adding just as many more items to it on a daily basis. This might always be constant in the battle of never catching up, but occasionally stopping to look at the direction of both your business, personal goals and the “bigger picture” is a prescription for success.

I think I should provide a bit of back story for my above advice. Recently, I’ve been doing just that, plugging along with the momentum of my side business recently launching and doing everything and anything to make it successful. But last week I did something not on my “list” and decided that now was the time more so than ever to educate myself and pick up a few entrepreneur tips along the way. I’ve been remiss about attending panels, educational lectures and things of the sort, due to the proverbial “craziness”. For almost a year I’ve been on Tania’s Wimlink mailing list, constantly (and thankfully) receiving e-mail reminders about upcoming events.

I am so glad that I finally put time aside to attend one, and at “100 Entrepreneurs Speak” this past week, Amy Abrams and Adelaide Lancaster really drove home a concept I needed to hear at this juncture of my career. Rather than follow your business, surfing along with all the twists and turns it might take, it is actually possible to LEAD it in the direction that is most important to the core of why you wanted to start it all in the first place. By stopping to smell the roses, you can devote a bit of time to question why. To outline and be clear about your reasons and goals helps realign your tactics for ultimate success, and happiness (yes, your job can make you happy, so they say). Some questions that Amy and Adelaide proposed, that I think when asked to oneself on a very regular basis, can be a very good thing:

What is your ideal job in three years from now?
-       What are you doing that is making you unhappy?
-       What is it that I need out of my business? 

After “100 Entrepreneurs Speak” I’m adding a new item to do on that list that never ends
and that is to stop, think and question, because the answers may very well surprise you.

By Julia L.
Julia is the co-founder of 4e Creative, a design, branding, communications and marketing company

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