Monday, November 8, 2010

wimLink event November 16th - women on the web with Linda Abraham, comScore and other panel guests!

Our next wimLink event will be hosted at The Economist's offices in New York, and will open with a keynote presentation by Linda Abraham, CMO and EVP Global Business Development, comScore. Following this presentation will be a short Q&A, and then a panel discussion (guests still to-be-announced) and networking session over wine and cheese.

As always, there will be an opportunity at the start of the evening to mention any professional/work opportunities and to make open announcements.

Here is some more information about the keynote presentation:

Behind Every Great Computer, There’s a Great Woman: An In-Depth Look at How Women Have and Continue to Shape the Digital Environment

In this presentation, Linda Abraham will share real-life data, industry insights and anecdotal evidence supporting the past, present and future role that women have played in shaping the digital ecosystem. She’ll highlight key global trends pertaining to this topic, including the difference in usage and consumption patterns among men and women, a look at differences in social networking, e-commerce, video consumption and search behaviors, and an analysis of how these trends differ by geographic regions. Finally, Ms. Abraham will share her perspective on what can be learned from these differences, and perhaps equally as important, what can be gleaned from any commonalities.

Top-line findings from study include:

• Women spend more time online than men in every age bracket. The average 15+ female spends 7 percent more time online than the average male in that age group. In February, this was a global average of 23.4 hours per month for women, compared to 21.8 hours per month for men.

• Women are heavy social networkers, and they spend more time on these sites than men. Women are 8% more likely to visit a social network, and when they do, they spend 34% more time there.
• Women helped to propel the growth of Twitter. In March of 2009, a month where Twitter experienced some of its fastest growth, the Twitter audience skewed heavily toward females, with this group capturing 57% share in the U.S., respectively.

• Women are emerging as a key constituency for online gaming. The growing popularity of board, solitaire, and other “casual” games are putting mom and grandma alongside teen males amongst the heaviest users of online gaming sites.

• Women are driving the trend toward heavy entertainment and lifestyle news consumption online. Entertainment and Lifestyle categories – which both skew heavy on time spent among the female population – are also among some of the fastest growing areas of the Internet.

• Women played a key role in the rapid growth of digital photo-sharing. And, they are still a dominant force in this category, with women around the world spending an average of 500 million more minutes on photo sites in a given month than males.

• Women are most likely to use the Internet for Health-related information. The Health category has one of the largest overall differences in male and female reach, with a 6-point difference between penetration of global males and females 15+.

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