Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Last event for 2008 - One Question, One Answer

One Question, One Answer.

Which really keeps the universe in balance, right? Now not wanting to get too esoteric or (eek) quasi mathematical, but I do think there is a lot going on right now that is keeping many of us slightly off center and off balance. Wherever I look I hear chicken little telling me that the sky is falling, that now is not the time to take risks and that if we all just bury our heads in the sand and hope that this goes away, we will somehow weather this inevitable storm until it moves on to find its next victim.

Well folks - this 'pretend to be a tree and stay still till the scary animal goes away' strategy didn't work for the environment or global warming, it didn't work for the record labels at the advent of itunes, and it won't work for us now. Now more than ever we need to be dipping into our resourcefulness bucket and tapping into every bit of creative energy and savvy that we have. In a down market, opportunities abound -and you will also be doing your bit to help turn the tide for everyone else who are running in the wrong direction.

Now more than ever we need entrepreneurs, creative problem solvers and smart, positive people. We need them to build jobs, build back industries and drive growth and find the opportunities in the obstacles. This is not the time to stand still.

On this note, we want the next event to profile some of the great women entrepreneurs who are doing this well, and finding new strategies/adjusting their strategies to account for a new market and a new world.

This has definitely been an amazing first year for wimLink.

By the time we all chink champagne glasses and herald in the New Year, we will have had 4 great events - all very different and achieving different goals, all fun and unique in their own way. Friendships were created and strengthened, work relationships formed and solidified, job opportunities and business ventures shared. All involving cheese and booze (thanks Erika for the stunner at the pitching/think tank event held downtown at Tipping Point Partners - I can never get mine to look even remotely as fabulous :))

We had our first meeting this evening, the first in a long time where we got to catch up and hash it all out, brainstorm and work out the best way to send 2008 out with a bang. Right now we're thinking 3 female entrepreneurs each with a business story to tell and one key piece of advice or a learning to share, as well as a key creative problem/challenge that they want to pose for the audience.

We will be firming this format up and taking speaker submissions shortly, I will post more details here and at the wimLink meetup group so stay tuned...

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