Tuesday, September 16, 2008


At tonight's event, one of the most interesting points that came up was in relation to how we perceive networking. Rather than seeing it as a 'necessary evil', the audience was urged to consider what types of connections came most easily to them, and how people could make the most of their individual personalities to build out their professional safety net.

Marion used several examples from her book 'The N-Factor' - which were also gifted to audience members who donated to Camp Interactive - and lead the audience through a specific case study of a business partner of hers.

So how does one move through the perception that networking is some kind of scary, dirty word?

Marion suggests that it is useful to think of it as a meaningful human connection and a relationship like any other that needs investment, maintenance and care. For those out there after the 'quick fix' then it probably wouldn't yield anything of value. But, being lucky enough to work in one of the most exciting and interesting fields out there right now, a lot can be said for wanting and making the effort to connect with others interested in your field, and helping each other grow, strength for strength.

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