Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Contentinople - The Economics of Content Delivery

I was at a conference event yesterday which was created by contentinople, at the Westin in New York, centered around the economics of content - spanning advertising, production, distribution and technical hosting/delivery. Gaming got a good look in, with a standout presentation from FIM's Scott Bender who triumphantly announced that gaming properties are becoming social networks.

The feeling is still pretty clear though - no one is quite sure how to make money with online video. Mike Hudack gave a strong presentation around the way that carves out the online video world, categorizing content into 4 primary veins:

- friends and family video
- viral video
- webTV
- network and cable TV

And perhaps somewhere in that delineation between different 'types' of online content lies the answer. Surely enough, we have been crying out for online video standards for a long time, and maybe the first step begins in at least being able to differentiate between the types of content out there, beyond the typical (and frustratingly oversimplified) demarcation between 'professional' content and UGC. As we can see from the example, and with a whole host of other great original content creators who are more than repurposed film/tv for the web (Next New Networks, ON Networks, Black20, For Your Imagination all immediately spring to mins), this line is not enough, and it is also confusing for advertisers... which is ultimately where we can all concede the money will come from in a viable online video business model, at least in the near term.

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