Saturday, February 2, 2008

our first meeting...

Hello readers!

I am thrilled that you have found WIMLINK (Women in Media Link). With your participation and ideas I hope we can grow our newly formed meet-up group into a global organisation promoting the development and advancement of women in media and technology everywhere.

We are seeking to become an ideas vault and collaboration space for women all over the world, to share their perspectives on the media and technology landscape and innovate with one another to shape the future.

The website, is currently under construction, but I am hoping to have it up and running soon :)

I want us to share job opportunities, business ventures, work strategies, new technologies, media theories... but most of all, I want us to create an environment where women are encouraged work with one another in a supportive and non-competitive way, and leverage one another in a business sense the way men have been doing for centuries past. I want to see women as active participants in the start-up and new media sphere, passionately pitching and evangelizing the future of media, and how best to effect change.

Now don't get me wrong - this organisation is not about men vs women, or about women working together to the exclusion of their male counterparts. Whole heartedly. I firmly believe there is infinite space for all. Adversity and scarcity is not the point. Neither is fractured or politicized gender relations, or the lamenting of unequal opportunities or the 'boy's club'. These may exist, but they are not my focus.

Instead of lamenting, I wish to build, and to build with you. We have the knowledge, the expertise, the savvy and the entrepreneurial spirit to shape the future of media - and shape it we must. The responsibility rests with us to pave the path of what will come and how we will be remembered - as the generation that aspired to be promoted, or that aspired to create the companies & ventures that promote and give opportunities to others?

We like no other generation of women have the tools right in front of us to take our place in the world in a more powerful and meaningful way.

The question is, will we...


Mona Lisa said...

"Now don't get me wrong - this organisation is not about men vs women, or about women working together to the exclusion of their male counterparts."

Good! Then count me in. :-)

WIMLINK said...

Excellent! Thank you. This is incredibly important to us - we want to create a hotbed for innovation and smart discussion, as well as skill sharing etc.

The fact that we want to encourage these discussions to happen between smart professional women is more incidental to the overall desire for that conversation to be had... the focus is media and tech industry issues, not women's issues.

not to devalue women's issues... but we are really emphasizing "big think"